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Title: A Day In The Life, March 9
Author: [ profile] morrobay1990
Genre: post canon/1991
Word count: 320
Disclaimer: Jack & Ennis are AP's.
♥ Jack

Riding Fence by Robert Dawson
march 9

He’d just had the weirdest dream...and after eight years of weird dreams of Jack, that was saying something.

He’d been riding fence but he wasn’t on Merlin...he was riding Jack’s buckskin mare from Brokeback.

Suddenly the mare reared, he slid off and hit the ground on his side, eyes involuntarily closing as he anticipated hitting hard earth, and when he opened his eyes he saw boots, where no one had been visible on the vast plain only seconds before.

He sat up blinking, sun sharp in his eyes, then got to his feet and faced a tall man he’d never seen before...he was dressed like any other ranch hand, nothing special about him...except there was.

“It can be arranged.”

His voice was low, not baritone deep, but rich...the words made no sense to Ennis.


“It can be arranged.”

“What can be arranged?”

“He can come back.”

Who can come back?”


“Look, I don’t know who you are or where you...”

“Do you miss him? Want him back? It can be arranged.”

“You can bring Jack back.”



“Not your concern.”


“It amuses the gods.”

“Can you bring him back today? Can I see him today?”

“Not up to me.”

“Yeah I want him back. When can I see him? When will you do it?”

“Maybe the round up.”

He woke up running with sweat, the sheet damp with it, pillow on the floor, covers twisted and half off the bed.

He jumped out of bed, grabbed his glasses from the table near the bed, hurried to the kitchen table and rifled through the questionnaires.

Ken Jennings, age 58, height 5’ 8”, weight 165.

He sat down heavily, staring at the paper thinking Jesus, Ennis, what did you expect? You think he’d be 48, 6 feet tall, 195, just like Jack? You think Jack’s coming back? Wake up, boy, it was only a dream.

It amuses the gods.

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