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Title: Vernal Equinox, Redux
Author: [ profile] morrobay1990
Genre: canon – 3/20/82
Word count: 300
Disclaimer: Jack & Ennis are AP's.
♥ Ennis ♥

1st day of spring

Ennis had watched Jack with the egg - saw him throw it, saw it hit the tree - between bites of scrambled eggs and potatoes, which, he said to himself, he had cooked damn near he set his plate on the ground, stood up and took a few steps towards Jack.

“Y’know there might just be somethin to that egg thing...c’mon over here and try it.”

“Ennis, y’mind? Ain’t exactly in the mood.”

He disregarded the angry tone in Jack’s voice and pushed him, causing Jack to back up a step towards the tent.

"Believe I know a thing or two about gettin you in the don’t you wanna see if you can balance that egg?"

He pushed Jack again, and his hand went to his belt, then button, then zipper, Jack’s face and mood brightening.

Ennis smiled.

“Or maybe I got another trick to show ya...first day of spring bein so special n’all...maybe that egg ain’t the only thing can stand on its end.”

Jack laughed at that, the sight of Ennis coming on to him, the sound of playful words so seldom heard were a soothing balm to his spirit.

He got out of his shirt and jeans and spread a blanket over the hard ground, reached up to pull Ennis down on top of him, kissing him breathless.

When they broke apart to breathe, Ennis reached over and took an egg from the fireside, balanced it in the soft hollow of Jack’s belly button, where it stayed upright for two seconds before falling softly to the ground as Jack exploded in laughter.

Ennis held him down, looking at him with a softness to his expression...the look Jack referred to in his own mind as love.

“See, Jack, you was right...all kinda things possible on the first day of spring.”

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