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Title: Talk Me Into It
Author: [ profile] morrobay1990
Word count: 210
Disclaimer: Jack & Ennis are AP's
♥ Jack

talk me into it 5-25-13

"Listen. I'm thinkin, tell you what, if you and me had a little ranch together, little cow and calf operation, your horses, it'd be some sweet life. Like I said, I'm gettin out a rodeo. I ain't no broke-dick rider but I don't got the bucks a ride out this slump I'm in and I don't got the bones a keep gettin wrecked. I got it figured, got this plan, Ennis, how we can do it, you and me. Lureen's old man, you bet he'd give me a bunch if I'd get lost. Already more or less said it -- "

“You got a plan. What makes you think we could make a go of it? I ain’t got much now but least I ain’t livin in my truck.”

“I’m tellin ya, I got it figured out. Okay. LD gives me four, five thousand, I don’t know, maybe more...we get a loan, I been gettin loans for guys got less than that...find a place, find somebody needs to sell...happenin more and more these days, ranchers gotta get out from under, one reason or another...mostly it’s the kids movin away, don’t wanna ranch, guy can’t afford to hire no help...gets desperate after a while, sells cheap. I got it figured...think about it every damn day...we could do it.”

“I don’t know...takes a lot to keep a ranch goin. How many head you figure?”

“Start small - fifty, a hundred – build it up. Can’t lose raisin beef cattle.”

“C’mon, Ennis...sooner we start, sooner we start buildin a name for ourselves...get known in the business...’sides, business ain’t the only reason I wanna do it...lotta pleasure in it for us, and me...comin home every night, same house, same bed...want me to show ya? C’ ya what you got comin every night...”

“Now you’re talkin...”

“Jack. Jack? C’mon, get said you’d drive Bobby to school today.”

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