Too Late

May. 26th, 2013 10:34 am
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Title: Too Late
Author: [ profile] morrobay1990
Word count: 230
Disclaimer: Jack & Ennis are AP's.
♥ Jack

Too Late 5-26-13

"That summer," said Ennis. "When we split up after we got paid out I had gut cramps so bad I pulled over and tried to puke, thought I ate somethin bad at that place in Dubois. Took me about a year a figure out it was that I shouldn't a let you out a my sights. Too late then by a long, long while."

“So what’re we gonna do about it? You want it bad as I do, you know you do. What’d you got to go back to, huh? Workin at some lousy ranch, or worse…you got steady ranch work or you hired out?”

“Hadta work a road crew one summer...ranches mostly. Yeah, I want it, told ya that. Too much shit I know that I ain’t told you yet…too much shit I know that you don’t.”

“Don’t know, don’t wanna know. Told ya, I’m gettin outta bull-ridin while I still got enough left in me to make a livin ranchin...goddamn, be hard enough as it is...I’ll be payin for them rodeo years resta my life.”

“Maybe. If what you say is right and her old man gives you enough...maybe we could do it...can’t stay around here, though...gotta be somewhere else, somewhere they don’t know us, maybe Cheyenne.”

“I don’t fuckin care where it is, long as we got a place of our own, doin what we know...not answerin to anybody...”

“Think’re gonna be answerin to me in one department...want me to show you what I like? Just so you know...”

“Shit. Think I don’t already know what you like?”

“Yeah, well...I know a couple things you’re kinda partial to...seems I remember one thing that could even make you stop talkin. Yeah.”

Shit. What day is it...Tuesday...I gotta go to work.

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